Having a ball in Bohol

Carmen Chocolate Hills, one of the reasons why we decided to make a sidetrip to Bohol during our one week Cebu stay. Amongst the contenders were a trip to Moalboal, the Kawasan Falls or diving in Mactan. However, since we knew that most of our time in Cebu would be spent diving in Malapascua, we decided that Bohol would make a nice little detour in our trip.

Once we arrived at Bohol (hint: don’t book your ferry tickets online, we got them for much cheaper at the ferry terminal), we asked around and managed to rent our own bright yellow scooter:

Meet our trusty scooter, Pikachu.

We found a place to stay on Panglao Island in Bohol on Momo Beach (although, I wouldn’t recommend it). After which, we set off to see two things that Bohol is known for – the tarsiers and Chocolate Hills!

Corella Tarsier Sanctuary


We initially thought we missed the sanctuary, but turned out that it was located a little after Corella.

After paying a small fee, you enter a small forested area and the guide will show you where the tarsiers were found that morning. My first thought – That’s a weird looking critter. In all fairness, I was expecting something that kinda looked like Gremlins, but these tarsiers definitely did not. Protip Did you know that the tarsier is the mammal in the entire world which has the biggest eyes (in proportion to its body)?

If you’re a person who’s a bit of a scenoholic like me, you’ll love the journey to Carmen.  Pretty greenery, azure streams and rivers. Surprisingly, along the way,  we also found the Bilar man-made forest. Why on earth would the Filipinos need to make a forest when they have such amazing nature at their doorstep?

A yes to conservation but their efforts were overshadowed by the fact that the mahogany trees are not a native tree to the Philippines. Bilar’s man made forest lingered in our memories because it was such a stark contrast between life and death. This article by thelighttraveller explains it all.

We were amused by the farmer that had built individual chicken coops for his chickens. So much that Ju almost fell down the ledge while taking the photo!

On the way back, naturally, it starts pouring buckets. Stinging rain does not a nice scooter ride make, so we stopped under a rickety wooden shelter. Along with some locals, we watched the silvery rain patter down the roof and create a puddle wonderland for kids.

The rain failed to dampen our spirits – everything naturally was cured with some San Miguel. Because in the Philippines, San Miguel tastes better!


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