Dear Barefoot Kuata – Why I will never return.

Dear Barefoot Kuata,

I was unsure if I had picked the right island to hop off – after all, only having 12 days to choose between 20 volcanic islands to get off… what if I made a bad choice?! Or horrors, what if I got bored? After all, Kuata seemed to be the smallest island (or one of!) in that plasticky brochure I was given at the Awesome Adventures booth.

Well, after spending five days on Barefoot Kuata, I have finally compiled a list of reasons why I will never return.

1) Look at that untidy beachfront

Filled with bures, beach tents, natural foliage and white powder sand. How unsightly.


2) I pay this much to sleep in a tent?!


Mind you, this ‘tent’ (deluxe dorm) has an attached bathroom through the back. It is also terribly difficult to sleep at night with the cooling sea breezes and fans switched on. Also, don’t forget the crashing waves. Such horrid conditions! And down the stone steps of your tent, you literally have ugly views like this:


3) Or if the crashing waves keep you awake, you see this psychedelic sunrise.


4) You have sand (not concrete?!) paths leading through the island like this…


… through weird rock formations such as this…


5) And terminates at a private cove like this. Who would swim here?


6) There’s only once choice of accommodation (Barefoot Kuata)…

… that made me feel like a celebrity. Which other staff from a hostel/ hotel/ whatever would shout, Bula (Hello) Clare! when they see you walking some hundred meters away or walk over and say hi and ask you how you slept? (Not even mentioning the fact that everyone including people I hadn’t met seemed to know my name by the end of the second day).


7) Let’s not forget the scary wildlife encounters


You mean we swim with sharks that don’t eat us? You bet.

8) And that sky. What is up with those cloud patterns?


Alas, Kuata. I will never return. You would spoil all future island destinations for me.

Barefoot Kuata is the first island on the Yasawa Island chain, Fiji. It is run by the Barefoot Collection. To get to Kuata, you will need to take the Awesome Adventures ferry. For further information about the Yasawa Islands and the Awesome Adventures Ferry – stay tuned!


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